Loading SWF for the first time...

This is like literally the worst attempt to make something so good that it turned to be total crap or at least tried to be serious there. Excluding the fact that this is THE first time I touch CS3 Flash for that reason (thanks Gary Rosenzweig for that book and flash example).

This version redirects you to the forums once the moves are over BECAUSE it sends your score and gives you rocks (forum currency). But does not work for the itch.io website which is amazingly perfect for everyone!

Support me if you want to, the money goes to the servers to maintain the forums and keep doing games that requires thinking, action or whatever. Maybe buy some more game making tools or books. Whatever it pleases me to please others. :)

Here's the forum version if you do want to earn points or whatever you really want. Post, have fun or whatever. Just don't break the rules, ok?


Published Feb 03, 2014
Tagscandy, douche, king, saga, series, smashing, sweet, tiles